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{Heather McNamara- Watercolour Art}
I have officially fallen in love with Heathers The Musical. Sweating a little... But my art skills need to improve a lot, sure I've improved a lot from my first ever drawings. Still, watercolour is becoming a favourite of mine to work with (Need to improve on skin toning however so I'll stick to pen art and pencil colours for now...)

Art © Moi
I don't own Heathers (I wish)

{Lucy Harris - Watercolour Art}
It's not really gory, I'm working on it right now Fuu Nervous Icon 
I really love Jekyll and Hyde the Musical and I absolutely adore Lucy's character and songs. My watercolour 'skills' are still....meh. I'm working on it and any tips are welcome :)

Lucy Harris © Robert Louis Stevenson (I believe Lucy was only in the Musical and not the Novel)
Art © Me

{Emily The Corpse Bride - Pencil SketchDrawing}
I absolutely love The Corpse Bride and most of Tim Burton's films. I especially love Emily, don't know why I just do :) I feel like I'm getting better with drawing. Gotta keep going Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 

Emily/Corpse Bride © Tim Burton
© :iconthewildbandit:
Original Image:…

Yandere-Chan -Split personality.
I really find the game amusing and it keeps on getting more entertaining. Don't get me wrong, Yandere-chan is disturbing but I find the content other people add when I watch them play it or the rediculousness of the ways you can kill people make it less disturbing heh.

Yandere-chan © Yandere Dev (I think that is their name they go under)
© :iconthewildbandit:



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Chapter 3: Going Solo.

Looking up at a blank, dark ceiling. You couldn’t sleep tonight even if you really wanted to, your eyes threatening to close. Yet they would never fully close and it was pissing you off. Groaning, you turned to lie on your side, finding something else to stare at. That something was actually…someone on the opposite side of the bedroom. Your trusty lighting mage: Laxus Dreyar. Although, he wasn’t the best sight due to drooling and snoring obnoxiously. It made him look quite unattractive.

Sighing, you couldn’t help but smile gently at his sleeping state and giggle at how different he could really be. It was true, ever since his father had left and he got that lightning scar he had changed drastically. He wasn’t as caring, he became much more distant to everyone. Except you, however which seemed slightly off. Furrowing your eyebrows, you remembered how everyone just glanced at the two of you in disgust –well, more at Laxus than yourself-. You remembered how Laxus just kept a static face; he didn’t look the bit bothered and just convinced you that it was nothing. Coming back to your situation now, you looked away from Laxus.

It had begun raining in the middle of the night, the calming sound of rain pattering onto anything it touched. Getting out of bed, you slid in between the closed curtains to look upon what you called ‘The true beauty of nature’. Only a few guild members knew that you had a fear of large bodies of water such as rivers, lakes and so on. You couldn’t stand the sight because it would always bring back horrible flashbacks of your near death experience. So you took every chance to look at the rain because it would never create such monstrosities, sure a few puddles but that would be all. Standing in awe, you decided to sneak out of your shared room and venture out onto the abandoned streets of Magnolia –while taking precautions such as: stuffing your bed in case Laxus awoke and found you missing; wearing some old clothes you didn’t mind getting wet along with a towel to get dry with once you were done.-

Running out in bare feet, you smiled brightly under the shelter of the Fairy Tail guild’s extended roof. It just looked so astounding to you every time you saw it. Taking a deep breath as if it was your last, you took off down the flooding streets of your home town while your feet created soft slaps against the brick flooring. Your sight was disoriented by the rain slightly but you just kept on blinking the falling rain away. Your (h/c) was flowing behind you for a short time before it just simply stuck to your form, only a few strands flowing behind you. You could have gone forever but you soon got too tired and decided to head to a small field next to the path. Discarding your coat onto the soft wet grass, you sat on top of it before it became wet itself and brought your knees up a little so long your toes were imbedded in the strands of grass. Little droplets of rain dripped from the ends of your hair that clung to your face. This sight, you could get used to with it being one of the only things that helped you relax: the feeling of the shower hitting your limbs and head; the very sound of it; the sight you saw before you as you looked into the distance. You sometimes wished to be a mage of the element but snow was just as nice.

After about two hours, you finally got up from your thoughts and dreams before walking off. There was no point bringing your coat, it was soaking wet and quite heavy. You began to head back to the guild that was now your home, walking at a slow pace so you could take in as much of the sound of rain before you headed into the empty hall. As you quietly opened the main door, a wave of coldness washed over you. Even if you were a Snow Mage, you weren’t as used to the cold as ice makers and so you felt the cold similar to anyone else -maybe not as much but still similar-. You slowly crept back in, the sound of dripping echoed off the stone walls and the water left a trail each time you walked another step. Thankfully, you arrived at your shared bedroom undetected. Grabbing the towel on your bed post, you began to head back out to the little bathroom. You would have made it out if it wasn’t for a sudden warm hand grabbing your wrist suddenly. Whipping around, you met a pair of grey eyes.
“Do you think I’m an idiot?” He grumbled, never once looking away from you. It did leave you a bit intimidated but you shrugged the feeling off and gave him a smirk.
“Yes.” You replied in a cocky manner, attempting to snatch your hand back. He wouldn’t even falter his grip a little bit. You frowned at him, trying once again but you were just not budging a bit. He kept frowning before sighing.
“Just get dried and go to sleep. We’re going on a request tomorrow.” He muttered, finally releasing you from his grasp. You immediately backed up to the door, rubbing your wrist. Without another word, you went off to get changed into some new clothes.
“He really needs to change his attitude.” You muttered to yourself as you got changed in a foul mood. “I’m not putting up with this bloody ‘I know everything’ shit.” You continued to yourself, putting your damp hair in a lose plait and slipping on some warm pyjamas. Looking up at yourself in the mirror, you softened your frown and huffed out. “Can’t seem to blame him though.” You whispered, looking down at your scarred hands. “He’s… just being protective I guess. Doesn’t want anything harming me.” You continued before trailing off to your own thoughts, smirking a little. “He worries too much.” You finally concluded before heading back to the bedroom to find Laxus was still awake. Pouting, you walked to your bed and collapsed your body onto the soft object.
“Worried that I was gonna do another runner?” You teased, sitting up cross-legged and looking over to your childhood friend. You suddenly cocked your head to the side a little as he didn’t even look at you; his head was probably somewhere else.  Frowning, you walked over to his daydreaming form before pinching his shoulder. “Oi, I’m talking to you.” You spoke sternly before you suddenly softened. He looked into your eyes with sorrow filled grey eyes. You were about to apologise but he beat you to it.
“I’m sorry, I was just thinking about our first request we took together…” He explained, taking you aback. ‘Since when does he apologise for things like that?’ You thought to yourself but realised he must have just been in a bad state.

Your first request with as a team wasn’t very successful on your part. You thought you were strong enough and you weren’t… Laxus was –of course- but you were just some damsel in distress that managed to get herself stuck in your own magic for most of the fight. Once you had successfully got out of it, you were knocked out cold from the Vulcan’s punch. Laxus always blamed himself for not protecting you from then on. Every time someone even mentioned your scar on your shoulder, he would tense up greatly, almost paralyzed with a painful flashback; the memory of your limp body tumbling across the rocky ground. It sickened him.

Your lips slowly formed a soft and gentle smile, placing a hand on his shoulder before pulling him into a tight hug. “I’ve told you to forget it. It was two years ago and it was my own fault.” You reassured him while resting your chin on his other shoulder. His arms stayed by his side as you hugged him, not that he had any choice in moving them due to you hugging him tightly enough for him to become immobile. “You were focused on yourself like I told you. Don’t become some idiotic hero just for me, it doesn’t suit you.” You continued, a hand moving to his blond hair as you could feel him laugh a little. His lower arms soon returned the hug tightly and securely.
“Still, you’re a weakling.” He teased back, earning himself a light slap on his head.  
“Ass-hat…At least my magic is more balanced now.” You replied back, pulling away from the hug to look at his brighter eyes with your own. “It won’t happen again, promise.” You reassured him and he returned a gentle smile, nodding.
“It best not, Snowflake.” He chuckled and flicked your forehead gently. You normally would have retorted but you were getting too tired. Yawning, he brought you back to your own bed –with some difficulty- and tucked you in. “Night, Sparky.” You yawned, tapping his cheek lightly before immediately falling asleep. The lighting mage rolled his eyes and went back to his own bed, muttering ‘Goodnight’ before falling asleep himself.

As soon as you closed your eyes, you were opening them to daylight breaking through the curtains. Wait… it was day! You immediately sprung out of your bed and opened up your clothes drawer. You slipped on some pants and shirt, brushing out the tangles in your (h/c) hair before tying it into a lose ponytail. As you were walking back to the shared bedroom, you walked past Makarov’s door where he would normally handle all of the paperwork. Small mutters were coming from the room so you suspected that The Master was in there. “Laxus wasn’t in the bedroom, so I’m guessing he’s waiting for me in the hall.” You muttered to yourself and went over to knock on the door but soon stopped as you heard a sharp tone, coming from a female.
“I tried my best, Master. Nicolas wasn’t having any of it and he just left!” You heard your mother speak. Her voice was cracking during every word she said, seeming like she was chocking or something. “A-All because I said he wasn’t strong enough to go by himself… I just wanted to protect him…” She began to sob, your eyes widening greatly. Without another thought going through your mind, you had busted into the room.
“What’s happened to Father? Where has he gone!” You demanded to know, your concern growing stronger by the second. Both Makarov and your mother turned to you in surprise.
“Honey, your Father has just gone on a job by himself. Mommy is just a little scared.” Your mother spoke, her voice still very shaky. Frowning, you shook your head.
“You can’t be just ‘a little scared’.” You analysed her words, you weren’t stupid. “You don’t believe he can do it. Do you?” You asked her, your fists clenching up into fists.
“(Y/n)… that’s not what I mean at-“
“Don’t lie to me! My… my dad is the strongest Water wizard there is in Fairy Tail!” You yelled out, glaring at your mother. You had the same look as your Mother sometimes when you began to get angry. The same glare in your eye. “You always taught me that you sometimes you need to stand on your own two feet. Are you going back on what you preach?” Both Makarov and your mother were at a loss for words. You looked at both adults before smirking, relaxing. “He’ll be back… there is nothing my old man can’t handle.” You spoke confidently, sounding a little like Laxus which Makarov just smiled gently at. Your mother finally relaxed herself and nodded.
“You’re right… He’ll be back.” She repeated your words to herself quietly before walking over to you and embracing you into a warm hug. “Fairy Tail should have more people like you.” Makarov pointed out, smiling his wrinkly grin. Your mother laughed, laughing at him.
“A cocky little girl like her? I think one is enough.” She teased, causing you to punch your mother’s side. “I love you too, my special snowflake.” She chuckled and ruffled up your hair. “Now aren’t you supposed to be going on a job with your friend?” She added, tilting her head a little. Your eyes widened and dashed out of the room, speeding down to the hall. Your mother watched you go, frowning slightly as you left her.
“Laxus will protect her, Marisa. If you didn’t notice, he’s taken a liking to her.” Makarov spoke, standing next to the blond haired woman who laughed lightly.
“Doesn’t take a genius to know…” She spoke before sniffling. “They will have beautiful babies…”


You soon came running to the hall, over joyed and excited for your request. You promised yourself and Laxus that you could handle yourself. Finally reaching the hall, you looked around at the fellow wizards but only looking for your lightning partner. Continuing to walk around, you finally found the blond mage and smiled brightly. “Sorry I took so long.” You cheered brightly and ran over to him. “My mother doesn’t seem to have any faith in anyone these days.” You laughed a little as he looked over to you. Once he looked at you, you stopped in your tracks and looked at his facial features. He looked… Scared? Maybe worried but you weren’t too sure. Your smile immediately faded away.
“You okay? You don’t look that hot.” You spoke, calmly walking over to him. He shrugged, his face tight and static. He soon looked back to what he was originally looking at. You hadn’t noticed at first but the whole room was eerily quiet as a tall figure loomed next to Laxus. Looking up, you met eyes with Ivan. Adrenaline and immediate anger took over and you frowned, your body tensing up.
“Can I help you?” You spoke out sternly, making sure no fear came out form your voice. The wizard just grinned and shook his head.
“Oh not at all… I was just on my way, no need to worry your pretty little mind. Come Laxus-chan.” He spoke a bit too happily. Your gaze then laid on the blond but never exchanged words with him. Shrugging, you turned away immediately to hide your bitter tears. Taking a deep breath, both son and Father left you on your own near the request board.

Some members of Fairy Tail watched you for your reaction and others just looked down at their drinks. The main doors finally became empty from any figures walking away. Your knees finally buckled from under your heavy weight. Your mother had only just walked in, looking at your defeated body. “(Y/n)… What happened? Did that pig-“
“No… He gave me the opportunity to stand on my own two feet. Unlike someone who always needs someone to hold his hand.” You spoke out, rubbing your face before getting up. “I guess I lost myself for a moment there.” Shrugging yourself off, you walked over to the request board and grabbed the first one that caught your eye before walking out of the guild hall.

As soon as you left, the building erupted into mutters and chatter once again. Your hand clenched the piece of paper as you walked to the mountains.

Request No.134
WANTED: Mage to return our people back to village. More details once spoken to the Village Mayor
REWARD: 1000 J

“Seems difficult enough. There’s got to be more to it than that.” You pondered, looking at the crumpled paper. As you continued to walk to the outskirts of Magnolia. Suddenly, your thoughts were interrupted by a knock to your shoulder. Jolting, you turned 180 degrees to find a small cloaked figure hurrying away. Furrowing your eyebrows, you chased after them and grabbed onto their cloak. “Oi. Aren’t you even going to apologise? Talk about bad manners.” You scoffed, keeping tight hold of the squirming figure who pleaded for you to let go. Rolling your eyes, you turned them around to face you. However, once you did, you were surprised by a beam of white light. Soon came darkness. The last thing you heard was a young female scream.
Snowfall {Laxus x Fem!Reader} Chapter 3
Hope you enjoy this next part? Chapter? No idea. Wonder who that female was..... hmmmmm.

Fairy Tail © Hiro Mashima
Fanfiction © :iconthewildbandit:

Chapter 2:…

Chapter 4:




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