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Chapter 3: Going Solo.

Looking up at a blank, dark ceiling. You couldn’t sleep tonight even if you really wanted to, your eyes threatening to close. Yet they would never fully close and it was pissing you off. Groaning, you turned to lie on your side, finding something else to stare at. That something was actually…someone on the opposite side of the bedroom. Your trusty lighting mage: Laxus Dreyar. Although, he wasn’t the best sight due to drooling and snoring obnoxiously. It made him look quite unattractive.

Sighing, you couldn’t help but smile gently at his sleeping state and giggle at how different he could really be. It was true, ever since his father had left and he got that lightning scar he had changed drastically. He wasn’t as caring, he became much more distant to everyone. Except you, however which seemed slightly off. Furrowing your eyebrows, you remembered how everyone just glanced at the two of you in disgust –well, more at Laxus than yourself-. You remembered how Laxus just kept a static face; he didn’t look the bit bothered and just convinced you that it was nothing. Coming back to your situation now, you looked away from Laxus.

It had begun raining in the middle of the night, the calming sound of rain pattering onto anything it touched. Getting out of bed, you slid in between the closed curtains to look upon what you called ‘The true beauty of nature’. Only a few guild members knew that you had a fear of large bodies of water such as rivers, lakes and so on. You couldn’t stand the sight because it would always bring back horrible flashbacks of your near death experience. So you took every chance to look at the rain because it would never create such monstrosities, sure a few puddles but that would be all. Standing in awe, you decided to sneak out of your shared room and venture out onto the abandoned streets of Magnolia –while taking precautions such as: stuffing your bed in case Laxus awoke and found you missing; wearing some old clothes you didn’t mind getting wet along with a towel to get dry with once you were done.-

Running out in bare feet, you smiled brightly under the shelter of the Fairy Tail guild’s extended roof. It just looked so astounding to you every time you saw it. Taking a deep breath as if it was your last, you took off down the flooding streets of your home town while your feet created soft slaps against the brick flooring. Your sight was disoriented by the rain slightly but you just kept on blinking the falling rain away. Your (h/c) was flowing behind you for a short time before it just simply stuck to your form, only a few strands flowing behind you. You could have gone forever but you soon got too tired and decided to head to a small field next to the path. Discarding your coat onto the soft wet grass, you sat on top of it before it became wet itself and brought your knees up a little so long your toes were imbedded in the strands of grass. Little droplets of rain dripped from the ends of your hair that clung to your face. This sight, you could get used to with it being one of the only things that helped you relax: the feeling of the shower hitting your limbs and head; the very sound of it; the sight you saw before you as you looked into the distance. You sometimes wished to be a mage of the element but snow was just as nice.

After about two hours, you finally got up from your thoughts and dreams before walking off. There was no point bringing your coat, it was soaking wet and quite heavy. You began to head back to the guild that was now your home, walking at a slow pace so you could take in as much of the sound of rain before you headed into the empty hall. As you quietly opened the main door, a wave of coldness washed over you. Even if you were a Snow Mage, you weren’t as used to the cold as ice makers and so you felt the cold similar to anyone else -maybe not as much but still similar-. You slowly crept back in, the sound of dripping echoed off the stone walls and the water left a trail each time you walked another step. Thankfully, you arrived at your shared bedroom undetected. Grabbing the towel on your bed post, you began to head back out to the little bathroom. You would have made it out if it wasn’t for a sudden warm hand grabbing your wrist suddenly. Whipping around, you met a pair of grey eyes.
“Do you think I’m an idiot?” He grumbled, never once looking away from you. It did leave you a bit intimidated but you shrugged the feeling off and gave him a smirk.
“Yes.” You replied in a cocky manner, attempting to snatch your hand back. He wouldn’t even falter his grip a little bit. You frowned at him, trying once again but you were just not budging a bit. He kept frowning before sighing.
“Just get dried and go to sleep. We’re going on a request tomorrow.” He muttered, finally releasing you from his grasp. You immediately backed up to the door, rubbing your wrist. Without another word, you went off to get changed into some new clothes.
“He really needs to change his attitude.” You muttered to yourself as you got changed in a foul mood. “I’m not putting up with this bloody ‘I know everything’ shit.” You continued to yourself, putting your damp hair in a lose plait and slipping on some warm pyjamas. Looking up at yourself in the mirror, you softened your frown and huffed out. “Can’t seem to blame him though.” You whispered, looking down at your scarred hands. “He’s… just being protective I guess. Doesn’t want anything harming me.” You continued before trailing off to your own thoughts, smirking a little. “He worries too much.” You finally concluded before heading back to the bedroom to find Laxus was still awake. Pouting, you walked to your bed and collapsed your body onto the soft object.
“Worried that I was gonna do another runner?” You teased, sitting up cross-legged and looking over to your childhood friend. You suddenly cocked your head to the side a little as he didn’t even look at you; his head was probably somewhere else.  Frowning, you walked over to his daydreaming form before pinching his shoulder. “Oi, I’m talking to you.” You spoke sternly before you suddenly softened. He looked into your eyes with sorrow filled grey eyes. You were about to apologise but he beat you to it.
“I’m sorry, I was just thinking about our first request we took together…” He explained, taking you aback. ‘Since when does he apologise for things like that?’ You thought to yourself but realised he must have just been in a bad state.

Your first request with as a team wasn’t very successful on your part. You thought you were strong enough and you weren’t… Laxus was –of course- but you were just some damsel in distress that managed to get herself stuck in your own magic for most of the fight. Once you had successfully got out of it, you were knocked out cold from the Vulcan’s punch. Laxus always blamed himself for not protecting you from then on. Every time someone even mentioned your scar on your shoulder, he would tense up greatly, almost paralyzed with a painful flashback; the memory of your limp body tumbling across the rocky ground. It sickened him.

Your lips slowly formed a soft and gentle smile, placing a hand on his shoulder before pulling him into a tight hug. “I’ve told you to forget it. It was two years ago and it was my own fault.” You reassured him while resting your chin on his other shoulder. His arms stayed by his side as you hugged him, not that he had any choice in moving them due to you hugging him tightly enough for him to become immobile. “You were focused on yourself like I told you. Don’t become some idiotic hero just for me, it doesn’t suit you.” You continued, a hand moving to his blond hair as you could feel him laugh a little. His lower arms soon returned the hug tightly and securely.
“Still, you’re a weakling.” He teased back, earning himself a light slap on his head.  
“Ass-hat…At least my magic is more balanced now.” You replied back, pulling away from the hug to look at his brighter eyes with your own. “It won’t happen again, promise.” You reassured him and he returned a gentle smile, nodding.
“It best not, Snowflake.” He chuckled and flicked your forehead gently. You normally would have retorted but you were getting too tired. Yawning, he brought you back to your own bed –with some difficulty- and tucked you in. “Night, Sparky.” You yawned, tapping his cheek lightly before immediately falling asleep. The lighting mage rolled his eyes and went back to his own bed, muttering ‘Goodnight’ before falling asleep himself.

As soon as you closed your eyes, you were opening them to daylight breaking through the curtains. Wait… it was day! You immediately sprung out of your bed and opened up your clothes drawer. You slipped on some pants and shirt, brushing out the tangles in your (h/c) hair before tying it into a lose ponytail. As you were walking back to the shared bedroom, you walked past Makarov’s door where he would normally handle all of the paperwork. Small mutters were coming from the room so you suspected that The Master was in there. “Laxus wasn’t in the bedroom, so I’m guessing he’s waiting for me in the hall.” You muttered to yourself and went over to knock on the door but soon stopped as you heard a sharp tone, coming from a female.
“I tried my best, Master. Nicolas wasn’t having any of it and he just left!” You heard your mother speak. Her voice was cracking during every word she said, seeming like she was chocking or something. “A-All because I said he wasn’t strong enough to go by himself… I just wanted to protect him…” She began to sob, your eyes widening greatly. Without another thought going through your mind, you had busted into the room.
“What’s happened to Father? Where has he gone!” You demanded to know, your concern growing stronger by the second. Both Makarov and your mother turned to you in surprise.
“Honey, your Father has just gone on a job by himself. Mommy is just a little scared.” Your mother spoke, her voice still very shaky. Frowning, you shook your head.
“You can’t be just ‘a little scared’.” You analysed her words, you weren’t stupid. “You don’t believe he can do it. Do you?” You asked her, your fists clenching up into fists.
“(Y/n)… that’s not what I mean at-“
“Don’t lie to me! My… my dad is the strongest Water wizard there is in Fairy Tail!” You yelled out, glaring at your mother. You had the same look as your Mother sometimes when you began to get angry. The same glare in your eye. “You always taught me that you sometimes you need to stand on your own two feet. Are you going back on what you preach?” Both Makarov and your mother were at a loss for words. You looked at both adults before smirking, relaxing. “He’ll be back… there is nothing my old man can’t handle.” You spoke confidently, sounding a little like Laxus which Makarov just smiled gently at. Your mother finally relaxed herself and nodded.
“You’re right… He’ll be back.” She repeated your words to herself quietly before walking over to you and embracing you into a warm hug. “Fairy Tail should have more people like you.” Makarov pointed out, smiling his wrinkly grin. Your mother laughed, laughing at him.
“A cocky little girl like her? I think one is enough.” She teased, causing you to punch your mother’s side. “I love you too, my special snowflake.” She chuckled and ruffled up your hair. “Now aren’t you supposed to be going on a job with your friend?” She added, tilting her head a little. Your eyes widened and dashed out of the room, speeding down to the hall. Your mother watched you go, frowning slightly as you left her.
“Laxus will protect her, Marisa. If you didn’t notice, he’s taken a liking to her.” Makarov spoke, standing next to the blond haired woman who laughed lightly.
“Doesn’t take a genius to know…” She spoke before sniffling. “They will have beautiful babies…”


You soon came running to the hall, over joyed and excited for your request. You promised yourself and Laxus that you could handle yourself. Finally reaching the hall, you looked around at the fellow wizards but only looking for your lightning partner. Continuing to walk around, you finally found the blond mage and smiled brightly. “Sorry I took so long.” You cheered brightly and ran over to him. “My mother doesn’t seem to have any faith in anyone these days.” You laughed a little as he looked over to you. Once he looked at you, you stopped in your tracks and looked at his facial features. He looked… Scared? Maybe worried but you weren’t too sure. Your smile immediately faded away.
“You okay? You don’t look that hot.” You spoke, calmly walking over to him. He shrugged, his face tight and static. He soon looked back to what he was originally looking at. You hadn’t noticed at first but the whole room was eerily quiet as a tall figure loomed next to Laxus. Looking up, you met eyes with Ivan. Adrenaline and immediate anger took over and you frowned, your body tensing up.
“Can I help you?” You spoke out sternly, making sure no fear came out form your voice. The wizard just grinned and shook his head.
“Oh not at all… I was just on my way, no need to worry your pretty little mind. Come Laxus-chan.” He spoke a bit too happily. Your gaze then laid on the blond but never exchanged words with him. Shrugging, you turned away immediately to hide your bitter tears. Taking a deep breath, both son and Father left you on your own near the request board.

Some members of Fairy Tail watched you for your reaction and others just looked down at their drinks. The main doors finally became empty from any figures walking away. Your knees finally buckled from under your heavy weight. Your mother had only just walked in, looking at your defeated body. “(Y/n)… What happened? Did that pig-“
“No… He gave me the opportunity to stand on my own two feet. Unlike someone who always needs someone to hold his hand.” You spoke out, rubbing your face before getting up. “I guess I lost myself for a moment there.” Shrugging yourself off, you walked over to the request board and grabbed the first one that caught your eye before walking out of the guild hall.

As soon as you left, the building erupted into mutters and chatter once again. Your hand clenched the piece of paper as you walked to the mountains.

Request No.134
WANTED: Mage to return our people back to village. More details once spoken to the Village Mayor
REWARD: 1000 J

“Seems difficult enough. There’s got to be more to it than that.” You pondered, looking at the crumpled paper. As you continued to walk to the outskirts of Magnolia. Suddenly, your thoughts were interrupted by a knock to your shoulder. Jolting, you turned 180 degrees to find a small cloaked figure hurrying away. Furrowing your eyebrows, you chased after them and grabbed onto their cloak. “Oi. Aren’t you even going to apologise? Talk about bad manners.” You scoffed, keeping tight hold of the squirming figure who pleaded for you to let go. Rolling your eyes, you turned them around to face you. However, once you did, you were surprised by a beam of white light. Soon came darkness. The last thing you heard was a young female scream.
Snowfall {Laxus x Fem!Reader} Chapter 3
Hope you enjoy this next part? Chapter? No idea. Wonder who that female was..... hmmmmm.

Fairy Tail © Hiro Mashima
Fanfiction © :iconthewildbandit:

Chapter 2:…

Chapter 4:


{Digital OC: Ila Webster-Chibi} by TheWildBandit
{Digital OC: Ila Webster-Chibi}
Just a casual OC that I originally created for Fairy Tail but eh, she's just casual OC This is only a little sketch I did and one of the first times doing Chibi for a while. (She is meant to have dull like eyes, I'm not being lazy.... I swear Luhan : Nervous Laugh )

Ila Webster © :iconthewildbandit:
Art © :iconthewildbandit:
Made with DeviantArt muro

Draw again- Annie Leonhardt by TheWildBandit
Draw again- Annie Leonhardt
Just shows you that practise really is the key. You aren't going to get anywhere if you can't criticise your own work and improve on it. All professionals were beginners, only drawing stick men etc... Of course, this still needs some improvements like the forehead and NOSES! Can't do NOSES! Along with shading. 

Art: :iconthewildbandit:


Chapter 2: We've all got to start somewhere.

“Are you ready, (F/n)? You know the command and the movements.” Your mother spoke, standing next to you while looking at a small dummy tied to the tree. You took a deep breath before nodding. You placed your hands up before swinging them forward like claws. “White Fang!” You yelled, a magic circle appearing rapidly. Yet nothing came out. You raised an eyebrow before there was a massive snow cloud, your caster magic backfiring at you. Yelping out, you were thrown back a little as little drops of snow pierced your skin. Little specs of blood came from your right upper arm from close inspection from your mother. Giving a tut, she wiped the blood away and brought you back up to your feet. “Well, at least you know you can at least conjure it up.” She spoke in a positive tone. Looking away, you frowned and teared up.

“Yeah but it’s always conjured against me…” You pouted, looking down at your hands in defeat. Your mother frowned a little at you, sitting down next to you and holding both of your hands gently.

“It was your first cast. It’s okay if you get it wrong first time.” She optimised, ruffling up your hair. “You’re better than I was. I only found my magic when I was ten.” She explained, your eyes widening.


She hummed, her warm smile staying while she squeezed your hands. “Magic is a talent and like every talent, you must practise it to perfect it. People have different styles of the talent; like singing or dancing. It’s just that magic takes much more concentration and you must train your intellect and spirit.” She explained, your eyes locking with hers as you were in deep interest of magic. When she finished her explanation, you jumped up onto your feet once again in a fighting stance. Glaring at the dummy, you began to do the movement once again. ‘Concentrate..’ You thought, your eyes squinting to try and get a good aim before you yelled out the command once again.


Suddenly, a white swirl of snow shaped like a icicle sprung out. It shot out before completely missing the dummy and going upwards, looping before landing right next to you. As it made contact with the ground, it left a little snow cloud and a splatter of white. You yelped in surprise, jumping into your mother’s arms not wanting to get hurt. For a moment, the two of you stared at each other in both awe and shock. You were the first to laugh, however, proud that you at least could make it go the way you wanted it to… for a few seconds.


You had already mastered the conjuring of simple snowballs so at least you had something to go off of, just put a little bit more concentration and mental strength into this move with a different command.


It quickly turned to mid-day and your mother and father had gone off to do a request, they were sure other guild members would look after you. You were too busy outside trying to master the ‘White Fang’ spell which either continued to backfire or nearly hit you. “I swear, this magic has a mind of its own!” You cried out, yelling out the command harshly. This time, it shot off straight away and had no intention of turning back until it collided with someone or something. Just seconds later, you heard a boyish yelp and the puff of snow came from behind a bush. Your eyes widened, heart dropping down to your stomach. “Hey! Are you alright!” You yelled, sprinting to the bush and around to the back of it to find a blonde spiky haired boy. Laxus soon looked up at you and gave you a smirk.

“Well, now all you’ve got to do is aim for the right target.” He teased, ruffling up his hair a little before rubbing his back where a nice white patch was. You smiled softly and held out your hand.

“What if you were my target? I knew you were creeping on me.” You teased back as he grabbed your hand and stood up with his help. Frowning slightly, he turned away with his cheeks turning a little red from embarrassment. “I wasn’t creeping on you.” He defended himself. “I dropped something here.”

You raised an eyebrow before giggling, brushing the white snow off of him. “Well I certainly don’t think you’ll find it there.” You commented before looking back at him, crossing your arms. “So, what is it that you’re trying to find?” You asked, the boy looking at you.

“My headphones, Gramps gave me some since he knew I liked music so much. Plus I always play it out loud too much that it gives him a headache.” He explained, smiling sheepishly. You gave a small nod before looking around a little.

“What do they look like?” You asked.

“Like any other but with a single spike pointing out.” He replied, putting his index fingers next to his ear and sticking out to give you some sort of mental image. You looked at him in a weird way before nodding and beginning to walk with him.

“Where did you last put them?” You continued on your questions, causing him to frown.

“If I knew I wouldn’t have lost them.” He remarked, giving you a small smirk which caused you to punch his shoulder harshly.

“I meant since you can remember. Such an idiot…” You muttered the last part and looked away from him while he rubbed his shoulder.

“Near the guild’s request bored.” He spoke as the two of you were actually heading to the back of the guild. You nodded before grabbing his hand.

“Well then let’s go before anyone picks them up!” You smiled before dragging him along, his eyes wide in surprise as the two of you held hands. The two of you burst through the black doors and headed to the request board. “Right Spiky, let’s get hunting!” You giggled and began to search, unknown to the fact that your hands were still held together tightly. A few guild members looked on and gave a happy smile, ‘awwing’ at the little children. After a few minutes, there was no sign of them. The boy’s heart dropped in disappointment, releasing your hand. You turned back to him, biting your bottom lip a bit and returned to his side. “It has got to be here somewhere, promise.” You spoke gently, placing a hand on his shoulder. The contact made him flinch a little before looking back up at you, a weak smile showing. Nodding a little, the two of you was about to make for the door until you were stopped by the small old master.


In his hand was a pair of spiked headphones. Laxus’ eyes widened and took them almost immediately. “Where did you find them?” He asked, looking at his grandfather. The old man smiled his wrinkled lips and patted the boy’s head. “Your room, you really need to focus on that memory Laxus.” He chuckled before you decided to check them out.

“They don’t look very stylish…” You commented, Laxus sticking his tongue out in defence.

“Well I think they are.”

“Obviously you don’t have much taste then.” You smirked, obviously just joking as you patted his spiky hair. “Well, depends what music you listen to.” You added on, your smirk changing into a smile. He smirked and looked quite proud as he stated his taste was Rock and Roll. You looked a little confused, never if your life had you heard it. He gave a grin and took your hand before running off to the outside of the guild, you happily following along. As the two of you stopped, you were under a tree and shaded you two from the summer sun. Turning to the blond boy, you were a little confused why he brought you out here. Laxus set down his headphones before pointing at it with his index finger and middle finger. “It’s better to hear it out loud first time.” He spoke, turning to you and giving you a cheeky smile. This caused you to smile back the same way before he activated the loud speaker. Immediately, the music blasted out, causing you to jump back in surprise. Laxus looked at you, laughing a little before grabbing your hand. “So?” He asked, wanting your opinion. Listening to it for a few more seconds, your smile brighter and nodded. “So let’s dance!” He declared before dragging you with him and began to dance… very badly. Yet, who cared? The two of you were having fun and you couldn’t care less about anything.

------------------------------------------POV Omniscient------------------------

Song after song, the two kept dancing until it came to the slower songs and that was when they decided to lay down in the cool grass. Sighing, he looked over at her. “(F/n)? When you go on your first job… can I come with you?” He asked, his hands resting on his chest. She looked over at him in confusion, raising an eyebrow.

“Sure… any reason why?” She asked, leaning on her side with her hand and elbow supporting her head. Some of her (h/c) draping down on her face. He immediately looked away and chewing on his bottom lip.

“Well… I’m just afraid you might get hurt. That’s all. I don’t want my first friend to leave me so soon do I?” He spoke quickly, leaving her even more confused but surprised at the same time.

“I’m your first friend? Well, that’s good because you’ll be known for being with the best wizard in Fairy Tail one day!” She laughed, looking back up before her eyes moved down to him again. He looked a little upset about her laughing so she placed her resting hand on his spiky hair. “But you can come. I don’t want to leave my lil’ sparky alone do I?” She smiled brightly at him and ruffled up his hair teasingly.


“We can become the strongest team in Fairy Tail!” She cheered out suddenly, causing her friend to sit up quickly. (F/n)’s eyes sparkled with determination, pumping her fist up into the air before it slowly dropped and she turned to her friend. “What do you want to be called? If we’re gonna be a team, we need a catchy name.” She stood up, pondering the thought before her eyes widened and clicked her fingers at Laxus.

“Magic?” She spoke loudly, Laxus looking at her confused.

“That’s a bit boring…” He spoke, frowning before being whacked over the head.

“No you dummy! What is your magic?” She sighed, crossing her arms. “Mine’s snow magic… well, It will be.” She explained before looking into his grey eyes. He rubbed his head, frowning a little before sighing.

“Lightning.” He stated, looking into her eyes. She looked at him in awe, smiling brightly.

“Then we’ll become… White Lighting!” She declared, pumping her fist in the air. Laxus looked at her and smirked before raising his fist into the air as well.


As they went back into the guild, (F/n)’s parents had still not returned. Master Makarov suspected that they would be home tomorrow early morning. Until then, she would stay with the Master in the guild. As she got ready for bed in Laxus’ guild room, she seemed less ecstatic and just looked at her hands. The blond looked at her in worry and sat next to her. “Are you missing them already?” He suddenly asked, it wouldn’t even take an idiot to know it but he just wanted to ease into the conversation. The girl stayed silent and nodded simply. Laxus hummed and nodded in understanding, looking away. “You know, your parents are really cool. Even if your mother comes off as scary sometimes.” He smirked causing (F/n) to giggled and nod. Silence once again entered the room’s atmosphere. ‘At least (F/n) is happier.’ He thought before looking back at her, seeming a little lost. He hummed in thought before smiling. “Would you like to wear my headphones? Then, you can focus on the music and fall asleep.” He suggested, the (h/c) girl looking at him before nodding happily.


Laxus stayed awake until he knew that his friend was fast asleep. He then fell asleep himself.

Snowfall {Laxus x Fem!Reader} Chapter 2
Third chapter, I'm not sure what to do in the next chapter, either go back to the present day or stay in the past. Yet, I hope that you enjoy the rest. [Undertale] Flowey wink emote 

Fairy Tail+Canon characters © Hiro Mashima
© Yourself
© :iconthewildbandit:


Chapter 1: {… }

Chapter 3: {WIP}


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Part 6: Some days to go.

The gentle breeze danced with the fallen leaves of Autumn upon a cliff's edge, the Sun's rays of warm light showering the mix of amber and emerald grass as it swayed with the wind. Nature transforming into one beautiful sight into the next, down in the near the training field were many of the becoming soldiers continued to practice their hand to hand combat skills. You decided it was best to watch today as many other like you decided to slack off too, putting little to no effort into their fighting or just messing around. Your hair was tied in a simple bun, a few stray strands flowing into the wind which decided to pick up a little. You had cut yourself off a little more from people and you swore Annie's personality was rubbing off on you. You guessed it was for the best because that would mean, once you were in the Survey Corps, you wouldn't have to deal with all the death. You weren't stupid, you knew it would happen to many people you know who decided to follow The Wings of Freedom route. It was nice, just being by yourself like old times in the underground. No cares, just consuming yourself in solitude. 

To your disappointment, you began to hear footsteps come towards you. Turning your head to face them a little, you found your ginger haired friend walk over, giving you a warm smile. "Thought I'd see you up here." He spoke, breaking the silence as he sat down next to you. You gave a smirk, laying on your back and putting your hands on the back of your head to give you a more comfortable feeling. "You know if you keep on slacking off, they'll just kick you out anyway." He remarked, frowning at your actions. "This isn't a holiday camp of some sort." He continued before he stopped, interrupted by your joyful laugh. You opened your eyes and looked at him.
"What's gotten you so uptight? I've only done this three times." You spoke and sat up, propping yourself onto your elbows. You looked back at the training field, chewing your bottom lip. "I understand that it's not long until the final exam. I understand that once I step into the Survey Corps, I possibly will never get to relax like this ever again. So I'm gonna bask in the sun, relax and just take in what is around me." You spoke almost poetically, staring out to the scenery beyond the training camp. Nathanael hummed, seeing your point of view. 

"You know, you've become more independent." He pointed out, glancing at you as he ran a hand through his ginger locks. It became silent once again, just the two of you staring into the sky and beyond. The sun was still high in the sky, a lot of daylight left to waste. You both looked up at the sky, a smile pulling at your lips as you remembered your past before all of this crap even began. Wishing that life could be simpler and none of that happened. Yet, that was a dream you had to let go, you pulled yourself in too deep. It was fine standing up against your Aunt and Uncle but then joining this? It was a stupid move, you were a young idiot and you would be surprised if he didn't notice who you were at a glance. "I've fucked up royally haven't I?" You spoke out loud, not really directing it to Nathanael. 
"Honestly? Yes." He answered anyway, you already knew the answer and he was basically just confirming it. You frowned playfully, tapping his chest.
"You could at least have more faith in me. Jeez, were is your optimism eh?" You laughed, opening an eye to look at your friend. He chuckled lightly and opened his eyes to show his chocolate brown eyes. 
"Were's your strategy?" He retorted, giving you a shit eating grin. You pouted at him, sitting back up. 
"Somewhere..." You muttered, crossing your arms in defeat and looked down at the green grass below your boots. "I'm still working on it, hell I'm still trying to figure out how to fool the rest of the world that I have no links to fucking eyebrows!" You groaned, raising your hands up to the sky, praying for a sign. Soon enough, they flopped back down to your sides and admitted defeat.

As the two of you sat there in silence once again, Nathanael busted out laughing. "M-Man! I never thought you, (F/n) Smith would give up after all of this crap you've gone through!" He spoke, ruffling up your hair which you didn't take a liking to at all but let him bask in some confidence. "Like it or not, you're a Smith and you'll know what to do when the time is right." He reassured you, smiling brightly. You huffed through your nose and smirked, nodding. 
"Sure I do." You stated before snatching his hand and pulling him towards you into a tight hug-where is head landed in between your breasts...charming-. "So that's were your optimism went, did freckles transfer it back to you when he no longer needed to use it for Jean?" You asked cheerfully. When you didn't get your answer -or any answer at that-, you looked down to your friend who was still lodged in your chest. Your (e/c) eyes widened and pushed him away immediately, your face turning red while his seemed to blend in with his hair. You tried to apologize but you continued to stumble on your words over and over again, your heart racing and panicking. Nathanael just sat there, his face still in shock like he had seen heaven and then returned back to Earth in a split second. Soon enough, fortunately, he blinked out of his boner trance and looked at her while smiling like an idiot. "Well... if I die now, I'll die happily." He teased, causing you to slap his cheek gently. 
"Perv!" You yelled before the two of you busted out laughing, if anyone walked by they would of easily mistaken you two as maniacs. 


As dinner finally came around, everyone was famished. Especially Sasha whom would hop from table to table, asking for rations and little pieces of people's dinner as she was already finished. You sat down with Mia, Nathanael sitting opposite you with Thomas. All of you just created small talk, nothing really interesting. However, your conversations were cut short as the main hall's door open forcefully. Sasha practically sprinted back down to her seat in case she got a food strike once again. Most turned to the door, expecting Shadis to be looming in the doorway. Although, it was more than Shadis. A group of other men and women stood directly behind him. Small mutters began to irrupt in groups of conversation, it was so suspicious for stuff like this to happen. "Do you think it's the examiners?" A person spoke in a hushed voice, glancing at the group a few times. "Maybe someone is going home? Someone must of done something really bad for this to happen." Another voice spoke up a little before everyone was silenced. They began to walk in, there must of been about ten of them. All uniforms, apart from three, had the emblem of the Military Police. Their eyes preyed on every cadet in training like some sort of vulture, looming over a few before they reach to your table.

You gulped, heart thumping in your ears and you clutched onto your pants with clammy hands. "(F/n) Godson?" One of the MP's dogs (not literal dogs...) spoke out in a cold manner. You took a deep breath, shakily standing up while everyone's eyes were on you. Slowly, you raised your hands and gave a sweet smile looking a little crazy. This was it, your fate had been sealed. You had a chance to change it by developing yourself into the soldier you promised to be. Yet, you only kidded yourself and just carried on with your hasty actions. "You got me. I know why you're here." You spoke aloud as one of the MPs grabbed your hands, forcefully pulling them together with thick rope. 
"(F/n) Godson, we are arresting you for countless thefts and fraud." A stern male spoke, everyone staring aghast.
"I know I know, let's go eh? Or do you want to bask in your glory around some teens?" You spat, giving them a smirk. You weren't trying to be cocky, you just didn't really care at the moment. What was there to care about?

 With a swift knock to the head after you spoke, you were escorted out of the main hall which immediately busted into life once you had left. Still smiling gently, you looked down at your boots and gave a huff. 

"I royally fucked up didn't I?" You whispered to yourself. 

The night was cold and bitter during this time of Autumn as you were basically dragged to a carriage which was leading to the way you had once entered. Your heart sank as you looked at the entrance, a twinge of guilt growing in your body. You could of started a new, proved your Aunt and Uncle wrong. You could of became a elegant young Lady or a stern soldier. You chose the wrong path but surely there was a short cut back to the right one.

Finally, the carriage began to pull off. You looked back at the camp to see Shadis still standing there, watching you leave as a thief. Frowning, you clenched your fists and finally screamed out. 

"I'm not done yet! I've only just begun!"

Shadis nodded simply not as a acknowledgement, but as a 'I know'. You were going to become that stern soldier.
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